Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Ship Came In

Love was in the air this morning when Lisa dropped me off at the marina.

Apparently her attention was not appreciated.

But the romance put her in the mood to take some well deserved time reading at the beach.

I'm not allowed to say what she was reading, but the author's name rhymes with Cora Boberts.

Then, after picking me up from work early, we went to the cargo depot to pick up our stuff!
All 1476 lbs were accounted for, undamaged, and a week early!

We spent most of the evening unpacking, but quit early to go out for diner to celebrate our first week on-island!

P.S.- Before i forget, I would like to introduce St Croix's newest avocado tree- we shall name it Richmond.

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The Monkey and Me said...

It sounds like you guys are having a big love fest over there. So enjoying seeing your adventures! You two wonderful people deserve this.