Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Land Crabs

So Lisa and I have been wondering about all the people parked along the road to the marina the last few nights carrying buckets. Sunday night we thought there must be a big cookout and everyone was bringing something to sit on or something. Monday night we thought it must be a hell of a cookout lasting all Memorial Day weekend.

As it turns out, its all about crabs.

It would seem that after heavy rains (which we've had plenty of lately) the land crabs take to the streets after dark.

The trick is to catch them, then keep them for a week feeding them only cornmeal and fresh water to "flush them" of any nastiness they may have recently eaten, then cook them up for dinner.
They pretty much run rampant at the marina, so I'm thinking we might have to try some out.
Though I'm not sure I'll be able to eat one after feeding it for a week.

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