Monday, November 8, 2010

Lionfish Tournament

The waves on Saturday ruined our chance to be part of this weekend's Lionfish Tournament. Lisa and I had planned to go hunting after I got the boat put away, but we got word that the near-shore visibility had dropped to near-zero.
The other participants killed 12 before things went bad and took them to Coconuts on the Beach for the weigh-in.

This blurry fish won the prize for biggest at 251 grams.

And you might think this guy was smallest

but you'd be wrong.
This tiny fish took the prize for smallest weighing in at just 2.1 grams!

The larger fish were cleaned and cooked into Lionfish Fritters. They were quite tasty and may turn out to be a viable menu item.

Now the goal is to keep hunting them and stop them from growing to breeding size and beyond. The Lionfish I saw daily while working in North Carolina were big enough to make make proper filets!
Let's hope filets stay off the menu here.

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