Sunday, December 5, 2010

Baby Devil

I had hoped to participate in a Lionfish tournament Saturday, but was called in to work to run a snorkel trip.
Divers don't like snorkel trips.
But during the trip I saw a lionfish in about 10ft of water that surely had to be a prize winner in the "Smallest" category. I grabbed a mask box off the boat, swam down and caught it.

I got down to the weigh-in with 3 minutes to spare and found out that my contribution was a meager 1.3 grams.
There was 1 smaller.

If there was any good news, its that there was only 1 fish killed that was of breeding maturity. But that won't be the case for long with all these small ones eating our reef fish and growing. Thanks to the day's hunters there are about 60 less of them though.

Its just too much excitement for some folk.

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