Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Way out in the middle of the ocean St Croix's Fish & Wildlife Dept. maintains Fish Attracting Devices to give fishermen a place to fish other than the reefs. Basically they're just a big mooring buoys with a chain that goes down 2 or 3 thousand feet. They give small pelagic fish a reference point to swim around and small fish attract big fish which attract bigger fish which ultimately leads to mahi-mahi and tuna on my plate.
Today it was my job to jump into the thousands of feet deep water and install new sacrificial zincs onto one of the chains so that it doesn't corrode (only down to about 110ft).
The work itself only took about a half hour, but the 19 mile trip out and back took about 4 hours overall. Good thing it was a nice day for a boat ride.
I managed to drop only one allen wrench.

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