Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lisa's Booty

While diving out west we went to look for old artifacts from the steamship era where the old pier used to be. Lisa found two very old bottles and an intact bowl!
The embossed letters and 3-piece mold lines on one bottle show it to have been made in Scotland sometime after the 1840's. The other one is also handblown , but without mold lines and is likely older.
I found a brick.
At least its an old Danish brick. They were commonly used as ballast on slaveships and then sold here to build plantation buildings. The local ruins are made of them and blocks of coral and local stones. This one apparently never quite made it to shore 'til now.
What we didn't get a picture of is the 10ft or longer hammerhead that swam by us earlier in the day!
Almost too close.

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