Thursday, December 27, 2012

Aegir Habitat

So 883 posts ago, I shared this picture in a post titled Space Junk.
It's actually the remains of the Aegir Habitat that was brought to St Croix from Hawaii to replace the Aquarius underwater habitat that was being moved to Florida. Apparently funding was lost and Aegir ended up being scuttled in the early 80's.
Tonight while trying to be quiet so as not to disturb Lisa's Dengue Fever induced napping, I found pictures
and even a diagram!

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Anonymous said...

Jeff - I was really sad to come across this post. My father was the construction manager on the Aegir project and I spent the summer of '69 watching it being built and, then, being tested. I was taught to dive by the divers attached to the project and learned all about saturation diving. I spent many hours on, and inside, Aegir and worked for a time with the dolphins that were being trained to shuttle back and forth between the habitat and the surface. I was only 9, so it was quite a formative experience for me.

Don Howe
Los Angeles, CA