Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Found That Confounded Bridge

I've heard stories since I've been here about the Suffolk Maid and her hard times on St Croix. She eventually ended up scuttled in Butler Bay and is one of the shallow wreck sites for divers.
Part of the story involves her being beached by a hurricane and having the bridge cut off of the decks so the engines could be pulled out to lighten her up to pull the Suffolk Maid off of the shore.
I've heard that the cut-off bridge section was also dumped in Butler Bay, but out deeper than the other wrecks there. Some friends of mine went and found a piece without me, but I finally got a chance to see for myself today.

While doing our decompression stops Christi and I drifted over the Suffolk Maid's hull.
Now, where's the rest of it?

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